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Become a franchisee
At Stigan, we provide an opportunity for an individual/company who has the desire and the drive to run their own business but lacks in strong idea, conceptual clarity about trade and insufficient funds for a business.

Those people & companies can apply for our franchisee in order to be his own boss and run a successful proven business.

The franchisee would operate as a branch of the business in the location and make use of the expertise and the brand name of the company.

Who can take the franchisee?

  • Should be Graduate, MBA would be an added advantage
  • Should possess excellent communication skills.
  • Has office space or can acquire one.
  • Willing to invest some initial amount in the business.
  • Ready to work fulltime.
  • Should be open to learning.

Why to take Stigan Franchisee?

  • You become a part of a growing consultancy firm.
  • You benefit from the collective buying power for assets like Database etc.
  • You benefit from the large established client base of the company.
  • Low risk & High returns on your capital employed.

Support given by the company

Stigan Staffing Solutions would give all technical support for organizing and setting up the franchisee operations in the area like infrastructure, layout, staffing, marketing, admin setup etc. The company shall assist the franchisee in recruitment, selection and training of the recruitment consultants. The company shall allow the franchisee to use the name and brand of the Stigan for publicity and display a sign board in the manner given by the company along with the logo and design as approved by the company.

Stigan may/would procure databases if required after mutual consultation on the cost sharing basis between the company and the franchisee for the development and improvement of the business.